Center for Tutoring and Academic Support


For Faculty

CTAS continues to offer your students accessible, quality academic support for writing and course-specific learning. We provide live distance tutoring, workshops, classroom visits, and other services online. Here are ways you can incorporate CTAS’s web-based services into your QCC courses:

  • Share our current Flyer. It lists our current plans for semester hours and services. Please post it to your course Blackboard site!

  • Inform students about CTAS live distance tutoring sessions: Conducted via Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, tutoring sessions are available on an appointment and drop-in basis. Our free, 50-minute sessions are available to all current QCC students and are our most popular and beneficial service.

  • Schedule a CTAS staff member to come speak to your online class: We can “visit” your online class early in the semester and provide a brief (5-10 minute) overview of our current services and answer student questions. Click here to complete our classroom visit request form.

  • Schedule a virtual class visit: Bring your entire class to CTAS online for one hour during class time to learn about our services and work on a course assignment in breakout sessions with writing tutors. Complete the class visit request form here to check availability.

  • Visit our Virtual Front Desk: Staff members are available to answer faculty and student questions in real time! Simply click here to speak with us, Monday - Friday, 10 am-4 pm.

  • Link to our website and web resources: Help your students reach us quickly! Link to the CTAS website from your course Blackboard page. Our tutors are researching and curating a collection of supplemental online resources for students. Consider linking to our lists of course-specific and writing resources if you find them helpful for your students – and send along your suggestions for other links we should add.

  • Consider TigerWrite: Through our asynchronous service for writing support, students can submit a paper draft anytime and get feedback from a writing tutor within 48 hours.

Have questions about CTAS? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for Faculty:

Is CTAS the same as the Learning Center and/or Writing Center?

Yes! The QCC Student Learning Center and the Campus Writing Center recently merged and now comprise the Center for Tutoring and Academic Support (CTAS).

What subjects do you offer tutoring in?

We offer support for writing in any course across the curriculum, and course-specific support in a range of disciplines (see here for a current list of courses supported).

The only major courses not supported by CTAS are those offered through the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. Tutors for courses beginning with MA and CS are available through the Mathematics Learning Center.

How can I schedule a classroom visit?

For a classroom visit, where a CTAS staff member will visit your online classroom early in the semester and give a brief introduction to our services, complete this request form.

What kind of help do tutors give students?

Our tutors use a student-centered approach to support your students' academic growth and intellectual confidence.

Course-specific tutoring sessions focus on reviewing course content. Tutors may also help students in understanding their textbook, reviewing relevant terms and vocabulary, working on practice problems, practicing oral communication and pronunciation in foreign languages, learning study skills, and conducting research.

Sessions with a writing tutor can cover anything writing or reading related – at any stage of the writing process – such as: Understanding the assignment or reading comprehension, brainstorming ideas, crafting a thesis statement, improving organization, paper format or genre, grammar and punctuation, proofreading strategies, research and citations.

You can be assured that CTAS tutors do not correct or edit students' papers, homework, or other assignments. Additionally, we cannot give answers or do homework for students. Instead, we aim to help students develop the skills and confidence to do their work independently.

What can students and tutors do in Blackboard Collaborate Ultra sessions?

In live distance tutoring sessions in Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, students and tutors can talk using audio and (if desired) video, chat, share files, share screens, and use the whiteboard. CTAS tutors receive extensive training and practice in using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra's many features. In addition, we have tech support staff available if needed during the sessions, and instructional videos and tipsheets for students on our website.

How are CTAS tutors trained? What education level do they have?

All CTAS tutors receive regular and comprehensive training in national models of student-centered learning; they undergo training when they are first hired, before each semester, and during the semester.

CTAS tutor training covers topics such as: Tutoring pedagogy and the tutoring cycle, discipline-specific tutoring techniques and best practices, questioning techniques which teach students to think deeply about the material, ELL and learning issues, approaches to help students' anxiety and apprehension towards a subject, study skills to help students become better learners (such as test taking skills, textbook reading skills, and writing skills), and using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra for live distance tutoring.

Our tutors range from academically strong QCC students to experienced educators with M.A. and Ph.D. degrees. Many CTAS tutors are working on 4-year degrees, graduate degrees, or research; some are current adjunct instructors or retired K-12 teachers.

How can I refer my students for tutoring?

If you'd like to refer a specific student for tutoring, use Starfish to send an official referral. Our dedicated advisers receive and follow up on these referrals. You can also informally encourage any and all students to come to CTAS for academic support, either verbally or through your syllabus or feedback on assignments.

How can I check to see if my students have come for tutoring?

To confirm that a student received tutoring at CTAS, log into Starfish and go to the "Meetings" tab in your student's profile. Any visits to CTAS will be indicated, with the date and time of the session, and the subject for which the student was tutored.

What time of the semester is most effective to visit CTAS?

Our mantra is "early and often." While we welcome students to visit us at any time, we highly encourage them to learn about CTAS and come for tutoring early in the semester. This will give them a familiarity and comfort with how tutoring works, so they will be ready to take full advantage of academic support as their workload grows more challenging. You can help students learn about our services at the start of the semester through sharing our flyer, linking to our website, scheduling a classroom visit, and making early referrals.

I have more questions! Who can I ask?

To talk with a staff member live during business hours, simply go to our home page and click on the “Virtual Front Desk” icon in the top right corner. You can also direct any questions to our main email address: and a staff member will respond during office hours. We hope to hear from you soon!